Book Giveaway ~ Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

It has been awhile, but I did a post that included an excerpt from  this book a couple of years ago… If you would like to read the post click  here…Peace That Passeth All Understanding.


Here is an interview with Allison Bottke, author of Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

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The Butterfly and The Stone ~ Dan Mayhew

Hope is a butterfly
Fear is a stone
As the father waits
for his son to come home.
For anyone who has loved a prodigal child, here is a voice in the night that says you are not alone. ‘The Butterfly and the Stone’ is a story of fear and hope on a journey that leads from the safety of home to Iraq, and home again to face a fiercer enemy: post-traumatic stress and addiction. Along the way is God’s love…found in a most unexpected place…
This book is an incredibly deep and heart felt portrayal of a father’s love for his prodigal son.
Quoting Dan Mayhew from the preface as he describes his book, “It is a journey ongoing, to a destination uncertain. It is a narrative of waywardness and the lessons that come from it. Moreover, it is not a devotional, nor a book of advise on parenting. It is a book of questions that hunger for answers; or perhaps, of encouragement – the hopeful sound of a distant voice in the darkest night that says you are not alone. At the heart, it is the story of God and me – and all His rebellious sons; of the Father and His prodigal race, as seen in the dark mirror of earthly fatherhood.”
Dan’s description practically takes my breath away. As you can see he is  a very gifted writer. As I read his book,  I found myself underlining sentence after sentence, because  what he was saying was what I  felt, and I was  astounded that he could so eloquently express what so many parents of prodigals feel in the midst of their heart-wrenching pain.
Dan describes so many lessons he learns traveling this prodigal journey. He comes to the point at the end of the book where he realizes  he has been enabling… Speaking about the scripture found in Matthew 17 : 14-15, Dan writes, “The father knew he could not help his son so he had stopped trying. He had reached the limits of his own love, so he gave his son to Jesus whose love had no limits. I had to do the same…”
The story doesn’t  end with a prodigal home-coming, but I hope that there is a future sequel…a rest of the story. Thank you, Dan, for writing your story. For reaching out to hurting parents, letting them know they are not alone. For giving comfort and wisdom and hope found through what you have suffered.
I would highly recommend parents read this book, especially if their prodigals are suffering from addictions.
Dan’s website… Stone Butterfly Woodcarving
The Butterfly and The Stone can be purchased at Amazon

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